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Punish The Thieves
A new software has been created that makes the life of mobile thieves hell.
Next time your phone gets whacked, there's a way out, and the best part is that it doesn't involve chaining your cell phone to your desk or carrying it around with you everywhere, including to the washroom. Nor is it one of those remotes that will immobilise your phone like your car or electrocute anyone who tries to remove your SIM-card, thus forcing the thief to drop your cell and run.

What does it do, then? Well, this software isn't about protecting your Rs. 15,000 cell phone, what it is about is payback and sweet revenge this is one of those things that will make the whacker either turn to water in embarrassment or tear his hair out in frustration.

Now the anti-theft software is something that will hardly make professional cell phone whackers tremble with trepidation. In fact, it will not take them much of an effort to flush out the phone's complete software. But it will most certainly scare impulsive lifters who pry on the cell phones that are left unattended on office desks.

'Theft' is a programme for Nokia Series 60 mobile phones like 6600, 6630, 6681, 6680, 6670, 7610 etc. and can be either purchased on the Net or bought on e-bay, (a version was on sale on the website for about Rs 50 a couple of days ago). Alternately, a free trial version can be downloaded from the Net for free by just giving a search for "Theft ' Nokia 60 series". The software starts as soon as the phone is turned on, and then it always keeps detecting whether the phone is turned off in a wrong way, or whether the SIM card has been changed.

It also keeps checking incoming SMSs for a previously defined activation text that will let Theft attack the thief like a German Dachshund. When Theft gets activated, a text saving "THIS MOBILE IS LOST OR STOLEN" will be permanently displayed on your cell phone screen to make sure that even if the whackers are having fun with the cell phone you bought with your hard-earned money, every time his girlfriend asks to borrow his cell phone for a call, his heart will skip a beat.

Another feature of the software is that it'll send messages to a list of recipients you created for Theft to inform you that the phone is locked. It will also inform you of the new SIM number if someone has changed your SIM card, so you can try your luck by calling and threatening the whackers into giving up your cell phone...besides of course a very long siren that embarrasses the prospective phone-lifter, if nothing else.
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Posted on : 28/1/2006
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