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The Truth Behind Dreams
Dreams are part of our live. Do they mean something or are they just instances of life that appear while sleeping? here are a few interpretations.
The world that exists beyond closed eyes has aroused interest among philosophers for ages now. But a strong and valid explanation of what a dream means is hard to find. While the believers still try hard to comprehend them from their understanding of what they could be, the non-believers just pass it as an extension of what one goes through in their real lives.

As noted tarot reader Ma Prem Usha says, "I don't see a point in interpreting dreams as they are just overflowing thoughts from one's day to day life. Things we go through in our lives, things we want to do and think intensely about, is what become our dreams."

But according to psychiatrist Jitendera Nagpal, "Dreams are basically unstructured, suppressed emotions that take the shape of wishful thought process. Many a times issues, which people find difficult to deal with, take the shape of dreams. So people often go for dream interpretation to cope with this accumulated suppressed stress. With lots of advanced research done on the subject, this is now a form of structured therapy whereby people have found magical solutions to their problems by comprehending what their dreams mean." Here are a few common things that people often see in their dreams and their interpretations:

Airplane: A flying plane means a sense of being on route to your desires or a need for a vacation. A grounded plane means that you need to put ideas into action.

Baby: Beginning of a new event or fulfillment of a wish.

Beach: It refers to a place of transition between spiritual and material; emotions and mental tranquility.

Blood: A sign of life. If you've seen a killing scene with blood it means that something has come to an end.

Boat: Signifies a spiritual journey. A boat in a calm and peaceful state means an encouraging report on one's progress. In a stormy state it could be referring to issues that are not resolved yet. It also shows that your emotions are not balanced.

Bridge: A transition or transformation. Crossing a boundary, or getting from one situation to another.

Cars: A car that's cruising could refer to a journey. Else, a car out of control refers to a state where circumstances in personal life are going out of control.

Cry: Crying in your dream is a way to release your emotional stress. It helps in regaining emotional balance.

Doctor: If the doctor is talking or treating you, then you need to check your self. It may be health related. If you see the doctor talking to someone else, it may indicate medical need or focus.

Eggs: Symbolises fertility, birth and your creative potential. It indicates that something new is about to happen.

Exam: Being put on the spot to prove oneself in ability, fidelity, loyalty, truthfulness.

Fire: It refers to disintegration of something, loss or some unwanted change. It could also mean that some danger is lurking somewhere.

Gate: A closed gate means an opportunity for you to decide upon. An open gate refers to the beginning of an opportunity.

Grandparents: If you see them at their house, it means a need to regain peace and tranquility in life.

Kissing: If you kiss a face-less person, it's about your basic desire being met. Else, if you kiss someone you know casually and not romantically engaged to, it's recognition of harmonious vibrations. Kissing a celebrity is when you are trying to boost your self worth.

Naked: You are not prepared for something. You are in the public's eye often.

Window: A point to focus upon a particular subject.
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Posted on : 28/1/2006
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