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Earn By Making Eveyone Laugh
if you have the talent of drawing and the art of expressing through pictures with a touch of humour then the world of cartooning might be the right place for you.
Garfield, Hagar the Horrible, Peanuts, Flintstones, Beetle Bailey, Dilbert, Doonesbury, the Common Man,.... did I miss out your favourite cartoon character? We all have our favourite comic strips and regardless of how much we may devour the morning news sipping hot cups of tea, we seldom put the paper back without reading the comic strip.

But if you thought cartooning was all about making people laugh, wait! This is serious business. A cartoon or a comic strip is either a satire on political or social issues or is plain, harmless humour based on life in general. Says renowned cartoonist Kaak, "Cartooning is not a mere profession. It can be a way of pointing out the evils in society. It is a job that has social responsibility and demands high moral ethics."

So if you are able to draw, have a sense of humour and can think differently, then cartooning could be your calling. Explains Keshav, cartoonist with Chennai-based newspaper, The Hindu, "Cartooning is akin to writing or journalism. Only the language is visual and it tells your comment in a satirical manner."

The way to go
The going is, however, not smooth sailing at the initial stage. Since cartooning is a creative art and not a discipline that can be taught, there are no institutes that offer any programme or course to train you in the toon trade. A few recommended courses that can however help you polish your skills include fine arts, graphic design, commercial art, illustration, digital media and so on but first, you must possess the inherent talent to create original humorous/ satirical work.

Interestingly, it is rather rare for an amateur to grow up with the idea of becoming a professional cartoonist- quite similar to becoming a writer, photographer or any entering any other creative field. He just gets to be there. Says Shekhar Gurera, Chief Cartoonist, The Pioneer, "A beginner should do a self-assessment to gauge whether he/she has the credentials for humorous illustrations. There are examples of many renowned cartoonists who were qualified BE, MBBS or LLB but switched over to this field because this is what they were passionate about."

If you are keen to join a news group, then be abreast with the latest developments and current issues. Reading always helps and without general knowledge, drawing skills can't take you very far. And of course, the thumb rule: the more you practise, the more perfect you become. It's my style
Similar to any other profession, it's prudent to develop a style of your own. Says Keshav, "Ranga specialised in caricature. Mario Miranda comments on society. Recently Suresh Sawanth has been awarded an international award for his social commentary. If you look at Mad's Sergio Aragones, or Jack Davis or Pat Oliphant (US) they all have their own specialisations. There was a caricaturist, Al Hirshfeld, who did caricatures only of theatre and movie personalities." There is a range of styles to choose from: comic strips, gag cartoons, editorial cartoons, humour illustrations, caricatures, comic book art, digital cartooning and animation.

Making a mark
Though Gurera warns that there is tough competition with limited opportunities, the market is getting better by the day. One can explore options beyond newspapers, magazines, syndicates and comic books. The new options comprise of book publishers, greeting card companies, multi-media, animation houses, ad agencies and even design studios, Says Manoj Sinha, animator with Faridabad-based Escotoonz. "IT has not really helped conventional cartoonists but yes, it has opened many other avenues for the younger generation. Transition is now from 2D animation (which requires 25 frames per second, an example being the latest film, Hanuman) to computer-based 3D, which has a wide application in gaming, cell phones, video and even in advertisements. Now the latest trend is clay animation-lending yet another dimension to cartooning on screen."

So finally, is it a lucrative profession? As Keshav points out, "Money comes with the quality of the work that you are capable of. It does not come in the beginning. I usually compare this profession to one-day cricket. The 'slog overs' come in the beginning. The rewards may or may not be to your liking. That is where persistence comes in. So are you prepared to slog?"

Now, that's for you to decide!
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Posted on : 1/2/2006
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