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A House That Always Look Good
proper planning of home interiors can make your home attractive all year round.
Are you always wondering why some homes always appear beautiful with everything in its place? This is not a difficult task and with a little bit of planning and foresight, one can enhance the decor of every room in the house.

Before doing up your home, just plan out a few things. When decorating your home, don't just go from room to room. Work up a plan for the entire home, considering the requirements, budget and timetable. As you go along, you can check out the products that are affordable and suit your plan.

First impression
"As you enter a house, you must feel the expanse and the freshness. The expanse is felt through space and a minimalistic look. The freshness comes through colour," says interior designer, Geeta Kulkarni. The First impression that one has of a home is through the living room, which consists of many aspects like furniture, artifacts, lights, windows, curtains among other things.

Figure out how much seating you need for the number of people in your household and the number you typically entertain, and buy enough furniture to suit that amount. Otherwise, you end up with a cramped space that is not comfortable. When arranging your furniture be aware of traffic patterns-all traffic should flow uninterrupted through your room.

Living rooms work best when they have a focal point. In reality, this is often the television. Don't arrange furniture in a way that makes viewing awkward, but consider whether the item you are the most proud of displaying to visitors is really a silver box? The television can be a part of the unit on which you have other pretty pieces.

Having chosen your focal point, arrange the furniture to complement it. The sofa is likely to be the largest and most influential piece of furniture in a living room. Large throws or bedspreads can effectively change its colour and texture. A folded throw on the arms or back can disguise a dated shape. Scattered cushions can complement the room's theme through the colours and textures used, or the amount-single, large pillows are modern and minimalist. Whereas several, mixed designs create a cosy feel. A folded throw on the arms or back can disguise a dated shape. "The seating depends on the size of the room and style. Right now simple, straight lines are the in thing," say architects and interior designers, Chetan Chavan and Christopher Liang.

Try and match furniture to wall colour for a uniform look. If, for example, your walls are a pale golden yellow, you might want to consider painting some of the furniture to match. Even large pieces will begin to melt into the background when finished in a colour that's close to the wall tone, creating an illusion of space.

Magic of mirrors
While a framed mirror adds a charming look to your home, mirrors also act as room expanders when strategically placed to reflect something pretty.

Bring in some see-through style by using glass or acrylic tables. They will provide useful surfaces as dining or end tables and yet practically disappear in a visual perception of the room.

Function and traffic
Living rooms often double as the eating area for a household. If possible, it is best to separate these functions. Plan a dining area in one end or corner of the room and consider screening it off with a partition or curtain, or stylistically with a change of floor covering or piece of boundary furniture. Striking a balance between convenience and designer style in the living room will create a space that you can be proud to show off and be content to relax in.

For displaying your prized crystalware, china and glassware, think differently.

"The large, bulky wall unit which was used to adorn homes is no more in fashion. Even if you have plenty of wood around, you can offset it with colorful laminates," they add. "The collection of artifacts reflect one's personality. It is important to find the right place to display these cherished pieces. One mustn't just make shelves and stock the pieces on it."

Indirect and diffused lighting creates a warm, relaxed atmosphere. "The lighting in a room makes all the difference. You can create a mood with soft lighting so that it helps you relax. It is always better to have pockets of warm light rather than uniform lights all over. The lampshades too make a difference. Uplighters can create a wonderful effect," says Chetan Chavan.

"You must design your bedroom according to your needs. The bed must be placed according to the direction of the window. Light must not reflect on your eyes, making it difficult to sleep.

There should be enough space for the wardrobe and enough of floor space around. These are basic needs of the bedroom," says Geeta.
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Posted on : 2/2/2006
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