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Ways To Decorate Your Favorite Vase
Vases are an important element of design. They add to the beauty of interiors.
Vases have become a piece of art by themselves. On a center table or on a mantelpiece, even on a dining table, vases lend an interesting dimension to any space. Today, you can find vases made from a variety of materials, like glass, fiberglass, ceramic and terracotta, the range is amazing. In glass itself you can choose from clear glass, fused glass, coloured glass depending on your requirement.

The best thing is, these vases can be used as a stand-alone item, sans the flowers. In keeping with the demand, lifestyle stores like @home, Tresorie and Contemporary Arts and Crafts among others have a section devoted to just vases. "Vases are the most inexpensive way of enhancing your interiors," says interior designer Geeta Kulkarni. "They add a feminine touch to homes and offices and lend a fresh look when flowers are placed in them."

Colour rights
Colour of the vase is also a consideration. Use a coloured vase to pick up or accentuate a colour in the room where the arrangement wills it. Colour can also be coordinated with the colour of the flowers you use. However, patterned vases or vases with many colours can easily overwhelm and draw attention away from your floral arrangement. A simple dark blue vase will make a red or yellow gerbera stand out.

Flower power
"You can make your own Ikebana arrangement in vases, depending on the flowers used. Flat bases, round bowls or tall bottles each type has its own charm," says ceramic and terracotta artist Manjusha Bagal. "These days you can choose from glazed pottery in bright colours which are very trendy unlike the past where terracotta was the only option.

If you just want to place flowers, then a simple vase is enough. Generally, a vase's height will be greater than its width. However, this does not have to hold true for all arrangements. The type and amount of flowers it will hold should determine the shape and size of your vase and the effect you wish to create. "Usually the circumference of the neck of the vase will determine the amount of flowers needed in the arrangement. As a general rule, the wider the neck, the more flowers are needed in the arrangement," says Ikebana artist Manisha Konduskar. However, very few flowers loosely set in a vase with a wide neck can create a dramatic effect.

Design element
The depth of the vase is also important. As a general rule, the taller the vase, the fewer flowers needed. Also, taller vases usually have smaller necks.

Shorter vases are also a must as centerpieces for a dinner party so guests can see each other and communicate easily with people on the other side of the table. When it comes to floral design, the vase used can be just as important as the flowers. In fact, almost any type of container can be used as a vase. However, there is a delicate balance that must be maintained. Choosing a vase depends on several factors.

Style 'em
As almost anything can be used as a vase. The different shapes and sizes available are virtually unlimited. L-shaped vases, pails, pans, multiple opening and tiered vases can be used for a contemporary look. As long as the vase and the flowers complement each other, you can choose whatever fits your fancy. The sizes too are overwhelming these days. You can find five feet tall vases and five inches too! Take your pick according to the size of your rooms or gardens.
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Posted on : 3/2/2006
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