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Have A House That Fits To The Principles Of Vastu
Having a house that is constructed on the principles of vastu can prove to be very beneficial.
One often wonders about what is Vaastu compliant and what isn't. Though each direction has a special significance and any excess or lack of a particular element may cause negative implications; there are certain areas in ones' house, which cannot be fooled around with. Any non-compliance to Vaastu may be dangerous in these zones.

The most important diagonal in ones' house is the North East to South West diagonal also known as the Konesutra. One cannot afford to be non-compliant in this zone. Any prohibited construction in this zone leads to major fallouts.

North East
Jupiter is the presiding deity of NorthEast. Ideally, this zone is reserved for the main entrance and the puja room. So the location of the temple, well and bathroom i.e. only the bathing area will ensure auspicious results to the family members as also their longevity, good health good fortune and their peace of mind. It is very good to have the main door here. This will ensure the family prosperity. The head of the family will be of great moral values and a spiritual temperament.

The location of kitchen in this area will ensure medium auspicious results. The location of master bedroom is not advisable in this zone. Old and discarded material should not be stored here. It shows disrespect for ones' elders and God.

If there is storage of gold ornaments and money (not in the temple or pujasthan) in this zone it shows the house owner is intelligent, educated and the female progeny is outstanding. The zone of the northeast should be kept as light as possible. No heavy construction is recommended here.

Coming to the center, no pillars or beams should be constructed here. Any non-compliant construction can have major implications. It may lead to something as bad as bankruptcy or serious health hazards.

South West
Rahu is the presiding deity of the SouthWest. The dragon's head is in this direction. If the main entrance is facing this direction, the house owner will have mental upsets as also various kinds of health hazards in the family Any amount he earns will not be sufficient to fulfil the needs of the family.

There should not be storage of any kind of food material also in this zone. The foodstuff will not be utilised for nutritional purposes. Placement of puja room in this zone will not be right. It will enhance the discontent and greed of the owner of the house. Similarly any storage of money and costly articles is not recommended here. If there is water boring in this zone the owner of the house may suffer life-threatening accidents or die an unnatural death.

All this can be taken care of only if a person is aware of the problems that might occur owing to the non-compliance to vastu. Proper guidance at the planning stage can prevent a lot of mishaps.
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Posted on : 3/2/2006
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