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Enter The Peaceful World Of Meditation
Meditation is the best way to destress. It leads to a world of absolute bless and peace.
Meditation has truly become a world culture. It effectively removes stress from our system and keeps the practitioner healthy. But it has a flip side too, which every one ought to know.

Meditation must suit the practitioner's inner nature. Sattwiks are calm and composed people with a high degree of concentration and can easily practise any kind of meditation, while the tamasik or inert ones cannot meditate at all with closed eyes. The best option for them is likhit japa-writing a mantra; or chants. Rajasics are highly restless, so all dynamic meditations such as antarmouna where one watches one's own changing thoughts; moving meditation i.e. reflecting on the moving nature; and transcendental meditation, which involves repeating a mantra, should be practised by them.

Mantra meditation suits all types and is easy to practise. Personal mantras are the most powerful. In the non-availability of such a mantra, a universal one such as Oum and Soham should be practised.

Meditation generally needs to be practised in a straight and steady posture, where the energies can flow unhampered. Any movement of the body disturbs the flow as well as the effects of meditation. One can also meditate in shavasana, the supine position, provided one maintains stillness in the body and not fall asleep. A practice during which one dozes off or moves the body ceases to be mediation. At the same time, continuing the practise with numbed legs is also harmful. So it is recommended to first improve the blood circulation in the legs with hatha yoga.

Unlike yogis, common people should not meditate for too long. It can strain the heart, which has to pump extra blood to the brain for this extra work. Two, it can affect the inner balance making the practitioner extra sensitive to sounds. Three, the body's inner temperature can drop, causing digestive disorders and other ailments such as arthritis and cancer. Four, people with hyperacidity run the risk of having hallucinations. Fifth, it may cause mental depression. Ideally, meditation should be practised 30-45 minutes at a time, twice a day. Keeping all the points in mind, try a number of them to find out which one suits you the most.
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Posted on : 3/2/2006
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