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Fashion, The right way to Dress
Today the concept of contrast works in fashion though the concept of match does exist. Colours reveal the natural aspect of the person;s understanding of fashion. The article focuses on the criteria that the right way of dressing can only come through proper choice of colours.
Colours are an important ingredient while doing the selection of right type of costume. Interplay of colours not only enhances the personality of the human beings but also change their outlook. The play of colours is one of the most important aspect in a person's life. Although there are many who are known to be colourful people, but at the moment we would not talk about them. Corporate Dressing For many artistes, fashion is nothing but a play of colour, It's not a pre-determined part of everyday life, although there are many who believe that brighter colours depict brighter personalities. Looking at the trends these days it's more like a competition of who would want to shed more clothes than the other really! What we knew so far were designers and their ilk. What has only recently come across is the new styles in dressing, make that corporate dressing!
What emerged as the typical blue and beige kind of colours, have now been termed as boring. Of course a person's personality type and likes are considered, but the overall personality that has been made out of this play of colour is interesting to note. For most of us a formal suit could be anything like a three-piece one or even a blazer suit. No it is does not mean talking about educating an individual on the way to dress, only describing one's observations for better understanding of people at large, through the clothes they wear. Of course if you don't have that wee little dimple on your tie, you need to get back to school to learn one.
Managing Colours
Most managers don't know how to dress. They feel that the higher the amount of the suit purchased, the greater would be the impression of everything. Then there are others who don't believe in dressing well. There are still others who want to make a fashion statement of sorts through their apparels. It's quite easy to spot one such manager one must say. It's not easy to follow trends where you're sitting that high up there, but if you really want to be known for the way you possibly dress, then it's high time you did some other kind of learning.
Of course this might take time, but then who said Rome was built in a day! Ideally a manager reflects the company's strength and attitudes. Most researchers have found out that high flung managers belonging to music companies or advertising agencies are people who believe that they have taken a vow to change the face of the earth through the overdose of colour in their wardrobe.
The picture that develops of these people is rather comic than serious and dynamic. A well-teamed pantsuit that's easy and cooler on the eye would possibly be the best impression you could have on your employees. It makes you come across as a breezy personality and the suit you were makes them aware is that you are as seriously inclined in work as you would be to your manner of dressing.
There are many managers who dress well only when they have client visits. Then there are those who believe that their colour co-ordination sensibilities have solely been imparted to checks, and even more checkered patterns. In some companies there are managers who have made blue denims as a part of their daily dressing routine, which is not devoted only to weekends.
More often than not, a dress code also implies the comfort level of the person or people you deal with. If (as in the case of denims being uniform) these are worn, the people you may come across in your dealings may be persons who are rather easy going and work to their best, as for them work is fun. For a stiff lipped organization where everything is pre-defined inclusive of the clothes you wear, there's less amount of productivity, as sub consciously you are a bit uncomfortable already, so it's human tendency that you'll make your colleague also feel miserable.
In such situations, the subconscious wants the same amount of pain and pressure to be inflicted on the other people employed as well, dropping the level of productivity there. After all just the week end could not suffice for the torture that you have borne throughout the week. So when you dress right, you feel right and when you feel right, you would automatically work right too. Of course the choice of colours would only enhance your personality making you more approachable for others too!
Posted on : 27/2/2006
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