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Eschewing Business Wear Faux pas
Business wear blunders create a very bad impression.So one should have some knowledge of right way of dressing for any occasion be it casual, formal, or any other occasion . The article talks about dressing right for success.As we say selecting the right tool for the right job. The adage also complements the statement "dressing right to get the best of everything you desire."
When it comes to the business world, you definitely want to put your best foot forward. Whether you are dressing for your first business interview, meeting with an important client, or just a regular day at the office, your clothes will have a definite impact on your performance. Remember the old adage, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so whenever you are meeting anyone, be sure to be dressed for success! Your outward appearance does not only include your clothing, but also you hair, nails, general level of cleanliness, and skin. If you properly take care of yourself and your appearance, you are most likely to make a great impression of the boss, a client, and your coworkers.
The worst business wear blunder comes with the advent of casual office places or casual Fridays. Before you show up in flip flops and torn jeans, you should have a general idea of you company's definition of the word casual. Many employers request men still wear a collared shirt and that all employees wear long pants or modest length skirts on this casual day. If you are new to the office, you may want to stay on the business side of casual Friday until you see what is determined appropriate. If you are unsure, always take the opportunity to ask. You should never wear clothing that is considered risquι or vulgar. This includes overtly short skirts or dresses, tops with a plunging neckline, or shirts with any inappropriate writing or sayings. Furthermore, you will always want your attire to remain business like, so think again before you wear those platform Go Go boots!
The easier way to avoid business wear blunders is to choose classic attire that seamlessly transfers between the seasons. Choose a standard suit that is made from quality materials in a classic color, texture, and pattern. Avoid wearing items that are too trendy or not appropriate for the business world. For example, although Capri pants are hot these days, avoid wearing them in the business world unless you can find a pair that will be suitable for the office. Also, be sure to wear clothing and foot wear that is comfortable and fits you well. Clothing that restricts movement or shows inappropriate amounts of skin when sitting, bending, or walking is inappropriate and should be avoided. Remember, your clothing and outward appearance will best represent your in the business world, so use your attire to your advantage!
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Posted on : 27/2/2006
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