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Waiting for that Perfect Prom Look
Prom season is upon us. Make sure you are up to speed on the latest prom fashions and accessories.Choosing the perfect theme for that perfect prom look is as important as anything else.The article gives us ideas and themes for choosing the right and perfect prom dress ,hairstyle and wearing one;s style with a daring attitude.
With prom season upon us, everyone is searching for the perfect prom dress. But don't forget about the one thing that can make or break your prom look, your hairstyle. Many people make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to think about how they are going to complete their prom look and then have trouble finding the right hairstyle for the night. Lets face it, promhairstyles can make or break your outfit.
So you've bought your dress, found the perfect shoes and bag and are all accessorized with jewelry. Now you are wondering what you should do with your hair. The best thing to do is to build your hair around your dress. This means deciding which promhairstyles are going to frame your face and compliment the lines of your dress to give you the "wow" we all want on prom night.
If you have a strapless dress or one with spaghetti straps or a low neckline, you want to accentuate your shoulders and the lines of the dress rather than draw the eyes to your hair. The trick to doing this is to put your hair up or at least pull it back from your face and shoulders. An updo is the surest way to ensure that all eyes are drawn to the most dramatic part of your dress. An updo also allows you to show off your accessories, your earrings and necklaces that you so carefully chose.
If you are wearing a more traditional prom dress, such as a wide flowing skirt or an elegant gown, you want your hair to be elegant as well. You should consider a french twist, braids or your hair long and sleek with a tierra.
If your dress is more cutting edge or trendy, then you want more of a trendy style. This could include an updo with your hair sticking out instead of tucked in or a bunch of individual braids held with clips.
What you need to keep in mind is that promhairstyles and your dress have to coordinate. You wouldn't wear a green dress and brown shoes or choose jewelry that is not the same theme as your dress, so why would you choose a hairstyle that does not fit your dress?
So now you have an assignment. Once you have your dress, you need to identify the style of your dress. Then you can begin to choose the prom hairstyle that works best for it and you. Or, why not be daring and choose a hairstyle that you love and take that style with you to find your dress?
Posted on : 27/2/2006
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