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Picking right clothes in your 30;s
The article focuses on the idea that one should choose the right clothing when one enters in to her 30;s. Tips have been given as to how one should select the right style of clothing according to her age.
It has been said that 30 is the new 20 so pack away all those thoughts of stodgy, boring outfits and break out of your fashion rut! By far the most popular fashion icon of this decade is Carrie Bradshaw, the fantastic 30-something that took New York by storm in the popular HBO series, Sex in the City. Channel your inner Carrie and strive to be fabulous no matter what the occasion. Whether you are wearing a simple outfit to your yoga session or painting the town red with your best girl friends, showcase your body by wearing fantastic clothing that will shave off years in a few seconds!
The first thing a 30-something should do, regardless how fabulous her body may be, is to stop shopping in the junior's section. Avoid clothing that is designed for the body of a middle schooler, lacking in any curves that your body most likely possesses. Show off your curves in clothing suitable for your body type instead of trying to squeeze into those perfectly juvenile jeans that form a straight line from the waist to the hip. Also, watch out for clothing that is too revealing or scandalous. Remember there is a thin line between sexy and skanky, so be sure to stay on your side of the line.
Now that you are shopping for grown up clothes, be adventurous and think outside of the fashion design box! Push the envelope and try on items that are generally not your style, but may look fabulous on you! If you are trying to get up enough courage to wear a fabulous top, pair it with a more subdued pant, jean, or skirt. Be sure to push your limits, but still stay within your overall comfort zone. Individuals who can wear their clothing comfortably will give off a thrilling and sexy vibe, regardless if they are wearing a hot and skimpy dress or your favorite pair of jeans and an old sweatshirt.
Although it may be tempting to wear super high stilettos all day long, you may want to start giving your feet a much-needed rest. Stilettos and other high heels and wreck havoc on your feet, causing you a great deal of pain and suffering later on down the road. You should by no means give up your favorite pair of kicks, but just wear them wisely. Choose to wear your designer shoes on a limited basis to save your feet.
Posted on : 27/2/2006
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