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What;s the colour of your outfit : ;Black or White;
The article focus on the aspect that choosing black and white colour for your wardrobe is in trend. But one should not opt for different colours even if one is wearing more often black and white be it with accessories, and create one;s own style statement for that perfect glossy and radiant you .
In the magazines, on the TV, and fashion gurus are continually buzzing about the latest trends. One of the trends growing in popularity is black and white. Black seems to be the biggest thing. Walking around the metropolitan areas of the country you will find yourself in a sea of black and white. Not only is corporate America fallen into the trap of being cloaked in black and white, but celebrities are donning themselves in the traditional garb. It seems that for the moment, creativity and being unique has gone out the window in favor of a more conventional look. Apparently being personalized and original isn't the way to go.
Although it is true that every woman needs a simple black dress, standing out and making a statement should not be left at the curb. You can't go wrong with black and white, but making your own look shows people who you are. Trends come and go. Styles fade with the days. The once raged over gypsy look seems to be losing steam as do so many movements in the fashion community. It can be very difficult to keep up and stay with the times. What then is the answer? Finding clothes that work for you and being who you are is truly a winning approach to fashion. It doesn't mean wearing out of date clothing or dressing sloppy T-shirts just because you are comfortable in them. You can find established clothing choices that will never be out of style. Make statements with your clothing. Show who you are with what you wear. If you enjoy being bold, wear red and be daring. If you are traditional, stick with suits and slacks to match your style. Go against the grain. Get noticed for who you are.
Black and white can be used to create a very elegant look, but don't succumb to throwing out color and creativity in your look. If you tend to wear black often, mix it up with accessories as a fuchsia or blue silk cord necklace with a monogrammed pendant. Accessories such as these are a great way to still wear black, yet still be personalized. To sum up, being fashionable is not as simple as black and white.
Posted on : 27/2/2006
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  • What;s the colour of your outfit : ;Black or White;